Start A New Organization

If you are having trouble finding an organization that meets your specific interests, do not worry! Creating an organization is a simple process. The requirements for a new organization* are listed below:

  • All organizations must have at least five (5) active student members;
  • All organizations must have at least two (2) officers; a President and a Council Representative;
  • All organizations must have a Faculty or Staff advisor who is a full-time employee at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi;
  • All organizations must draft a constitution (HERE is a sample constitution to utilize as a starting point)
  • An organizations mission should not overlap with an organization that currently exists; 
  • The purpose of all registered student organizations should be consistent with the main objectives of the University;
  • Student organizations wishing to utilize the Universities name in their name must do so in the following manner: (Name of Organization) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi;
  • All organizations must complete the New Student Organization Creation Form, in order to begin the process of becoming a registered student organization. 

*Please note that the guidelines for creating a Sport Club or bringing a social Greek Organization on campus are different from those listed above. For more information please come by our office, UC 218.


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